“The best way I can describe Contrex in a nut shell is Reliability, Integrity and more so then that, their long term experience helped us in times of need. Contrex built an apartment in the attic in our church. They were able to take some wasted attic space and make a 2500 SQ FT apartment with 16ft cathedral ceilings and they did it from the basement up and they did an absolute phenomenal job.”

Head Pastor

Glad Tiding Tabernacle


“I count on Tommy Parlionas for Honesty and accountability. Mr. Parlionas who has Contrex made a mistake on certain pricing for a job and, it was, I didn't pick up on it myself quite frankly. And he took it upon himself to bring it to my attention.”

Robert Krieger

ULM Holding Corp

Senior Vice President

“Contrex has been one of the most reliable contractors I have ever used. There was a Saturday morning where that we found our place under water. There was a major leek in the roof. I called Contrex and within twenty minutes, he had two men there to take care of the situation, temporarily fix it until Monday when the roof dried out and he could do a complete roofing job.”

Jerry Blumberg

Kew Forest Supplies