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Night Construction

Modern Technology Contracting Corp. would like to introduce our new “After Hours Construction” venture!

For those of you that visited us at the Buildings New York Show at the Jacob Javits Center back in June, we started to introduce this new venture of ours and received positive feedback. Many people were interested in this.

We at Modern Technology Contracting Corp. feel it’s great to have this option. You can continue your work during the day and have your work done at night. You save on money by continuing your daily business operations and most important it’s not disruptive to your employees and customers. Also, we have found projects to be done faster and more efficient. Even your neighbors don’t have to be disturbed or inconvenienced while they are trying to conduct their own business.

So if you’re thinking of putting off your interior construction DO NOT HESITATE!!! Call Modern Technology and get a free estimate from our knowledgeable and friendly staff.