Carpentry* Ceilings* Electrical*Flooring * Networking * Plumbing * Painting * Ventilation systems

SPEED & DEPENDABILITY: When it comes to moving into your space, we understand that time is money. We will sweat so you don’t have to. We are not interested in meeting your deadlines. We are more concerned with beating them!

STRIKING: We supply you with the best workmanship and supplies, then add artistry and flair. This makes your space not only strong and durable, but impressively beautiful.

ALL INCLUSIVE: Contrex Restoration is a one stop shop for all of your interior commercial needs. Our team of architects, engineers, designers and skilled tradesmen enable us to offer premium quality services. Whether it's your office, warehouse, retail shop or restaurant, Contrex can recover it, recondition it, or reconstruct it!

PERFECTION: We are thorough in all of our tasks. There is no such thing as cutting corners at Contrex. We use the best resources to construct your space in a complete manner.