Mission Statement

To furnish the finest products and quality services to our customers whileholding down costs and delivering it with speed, precision and dependability.

Contrex Restoration was founded in 1993 by Mr. Tommy Parlionas. The company specializes in interior and exterior renovations including restoration work for the commercial sector. Contrex is synonymous with Quality Workmanship and Precision; Speed and Dependability is what separates Contrex Restoration from its competition.

“Contrex Restoration has been one of the most reliable contractors I have ever used. There was a Saturday morning where we found our place under water. There was a major leek in the roof. I called Contrex and within twenty minutes, he had two men there to take care of the situation, temporarily fix it until Monday when the roof dried out and he could do a complete roofing job.”

Jerry Blumberg
Kew Forest Supplies


All personnel and project managers at Contrex are trained and attentive to detail in order to deliver the finest services. We understand the need to hold down costs; equipment ownership enables us to pass on the lowest prices available to our end consumers.

Throughout the years, Contrex Restoration has built a solid foundation with its customers; maintaining honesty and dependability as a core component of the relationship.


“I count on Tommy Parlionas for honesty and accountability. Mr. Parlionas who has Contrex Restoration made a mistake on certain pricing for a job and, it was, I didn’t pick up on it myself quite frankly. And he took it upon himself to bring it to my attention.”

Robert Krieger
ULM Holding Corp
Senior Vice President